2024 February Monthly Horoscope Predictions by KT Astrologer


2024 February Monthly Horoscope. Sun is transiting from Makara Rasi to Kumba Rasi on Feb 13, 2024. Mercury will be transiting from Makara Rasi to Kumba Rasi on Feb 20, 2024.
Mars will get into exalted position in Makara Rasi on Feb 06, 2024. Venus will be moving from Dhanushu Rasi to Makara Rasi on Feb 12, 2024.
Saturn in Kumba Rasi will be aspecting Jupiter. This month begins with 3 planets – Mars, Venus and Mercury being aspected by Jupiter. Mars getting exalted from Feb 17, 2024 and Mercury going combust on the last day of this month are the important events.
Rahu will be in Meena Rasi in Revathi Nakshatra and Ketu will be in Chitra Nakshatra in Kanni Rasi without any change in star position compared to last month.
Saturn energy will be felt less during this month. Hence it can give relief to many people who suffered from Saturn effects for the last over 3 months. Jupiter will gain more strength that will benefit mostly Dhanushu Rasi, Meena Rasi, Midhuna Rasi, Simha Rasi and Thula Rasi.
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