Vasthu Sastra - Bed Room

Bed Room is the place where the family members, mostly kids or parents do sleep. Master bedroom is the place where the head of house hold and his wife sleep.


The best place to keep the bed rooms are North West Corner. The entire west direction is good for keeping bedrooms. Make sure you allocate the South West Corner as Master Bedroom.


Never allocate North East corner as Bed Rooms. It should not be used by newly married couples for sleeping. Likewise any room in the North East should not be used for having marital relationships.


Vasthu Bed Room written by KT Astrologer


While sleeping make sure your head is placed towards East for deep sleep. The next best option is keep it on West. The last choice would be placing head towards South. Under any circumstance, you make it at least south. Never keep your head towards North while sleeping.


Sleeping in the direction of East and West can give you sound sleep and increase blood circulation. Sleeping in the direction of west can absorb the magentic energies from the earth since it can act as a magnet and can increase your cholesterol.


Still if you get confused, you can look into table given on the Main Page on Vasthu Sastra to see the elements and its benefits and you can go with what you want in your life.


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