Mercury Retrograde by KT Astrologer



Mercury retrogrades 3 to 4 times in a year. Retrograde can be represented with the symbol Rx. Retrograde means planets in backward motion. It denotes the correction period. Mercury rules brain and analyzing power and hence often people judgement goes wrong during Mercury Retrograde period.


Often we see huge stock market volatility during Mercury Retrograde period. Stock prices will get corrected during Mercury Retrograde cycles. Note that the correction might happen both in upward or downward direction.


How does the Mercury Retrograde can impact you?


Mercury is planet of communication. Unlike retrograde of other planets, mercury retrograde can easily be visuallized. You can expect to computer having virus, paper will get stuck printers, printers inks may drain out completely. People do often make mistakes on typing emails. Hotels and flights will get overbooked. You can expect a long wait on the traffic, powerline and gas lines to have problems. Besides water will not drain out through the pipelines properly. People will forget to take their key or misplace their wallets or spex, office badge, etc.


People will have to go through the past bills and make payments correctly. It is a time for revisiting everything you have done in the past. You may also get an opprotunity to meet your old friends. It is not a good time to release any project rather it is the time to revisit the requirements and correct the errors in the project.