Modern Western Astrology by KT Astrologer

Western Astrology is used in western countries like USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, etc. It uses the Tropical Zodiac for the planet positions. What if we can use the Sidereal Zodiac system in western astrology? This is an interesting concept you can find on this page.


When analyzing the chart in western system, the planets position will differ about 23 degree in advance compared to Vedic Astrology system. You will see on how can we use Vedic Moon Sign or Sidereal Zodiac in western astrology in this website. Thats why this section is named as "Modern Western Astrology".


Western Astrology gives paramount importance to the planets aspects such as conjunct, sextile, square, semi square, opposite, etc. Midheaven [MC] or 10th house cusp is also considered as auspicious part in western astrology.