Mercury Retrograde (budh vakri) Effects March 23, 2018 to Apr 15, 2018 based on Vedic Astrology

Mercury Retrograde (budh vakri) Effects March 23, 2018 to Apr 15, 2018 based on Vedic Astrology

Mercury goes retrogarde on March 22, 2018 5:39 AM IST. It will continue to move backwards and goes direct on Apr 15, 2018 2:51 PM IST. The entire phase Mercury will be transiting in Meena Rashi (Aries).
The shadow period that is effects of mercury retrogarde can start as soon as March 12, 2018. In the same way, the post shadow period that is the effects of mercury direct and forward motion can continue until April 25, 2018.
Mercury is the planet of communication. Its retrograde cycles will be challenging time for most people, including all rasis. Since communication will be stopped, it will create domino effects for other people. As a cycle, people will be keep waiting for other people to response. It may even get into deadlock scenario. If you have left off with any clean up tasks in the past, it is the for you to do it. You will see something unusal in the traffic - hectic traffic or no traffic at all.
It is the time for you revisit to your personal notes, clean up the receipts in wallet, or revisit the person caused the problems in the recent past. You can expect to see computer having virus, paper will get stuck printers, printers inks may drain out completely, out of paper. People make more mistakes while typing in emails. Expect powerline and gas lines to have problems. You may have plumbing issuse - water drainage at your kitchen or bath room. People will forget to take their key or misplace their wallets or spex, office badge, umbrella, etc. It is a time for you to use clean up wipes more!
You might get surprised that you were paying to utility bill unknowlingly, even after cancellation. There will be long wait at customer service calls. People working in support, call centre, cloud computing, data analytics will have more problems than usual. It is not a good time to release any project rather it is the time to revisit the requirements and correct the errors in the project. Your mind may get restless due to communication problems.
However, Mercury Rx provide good things as well. If you were not able to solve a complex problem or puzzle, you can do it. Research people will come up innovative ideas towards the end of retrograde cycle. You will get an opprotunity to meet your old friends.

I have given here how Mercury Rx can affect you based on your rasi (that is Moon Sign) based on Vedic Astrology. If you do not know your moon sign, then click here to find out your moon sign instantly.

Mesha Rashi (Aries)
Mercury is getting retrograde on your 12th house. This is not looking good for you. You may have to spend more money on unwanted travel and medical expenses. The health of your father may need attention now. Avoid stock trading completely since you will get burned a lot. Avoid any new investments and signing contracts in this period.

Rishaba Rashi (Taurus)
Mercury is on your labha sthana is looking good. If you are yet to collect money, then you will make it this time. Past salary dues, arrears will increase your cash flow. But your mental tension to persist without giving any relief to you. Your health problems will get diagnosed correctly in this period.

Midhuna Rashi (Gemini)
This is going to be a problmetic period for you especially at workplace. You may have new problems and may have to spend long hours at workplace. You will get bombarded with too many issues especially on wednesdays. There will be more communication delays. This may even affect your health. Avoid signing contracts during this period.

Kataga Rashi (Cancer)
Mercury getting retrograde on your 9th house of bhakya sthana is looking excellent. You will hear good news at your workplace. Your projects will be successful. You will make good progress on your travel. You will be able to finish off the left over tasks in the past. Financial gains are also indicated on the cards.

Simha Rashi (Leo)
Mercury getting retrograde on 8th house, will give you mixed results. Mainly it denotes some financial gains but more mental anxiety and tension. Your mind may get occupied with unwanted thoughts. You will have hard time in coming out of those thoughts. Your family and relationship will get affected a lot. You may travel but on emergency basis.

Kanya Rashi (Virgo)
This is a good time to discuss and sort out the relationship problems. You will be successful in meeting the expectation of your life partner. But things may not go well at workplace. YOu may go thorugh office politics and conspiracy. You need to be careful on your finance. Avoid stock trading completely since financial disaster is indicated on the cards.

Thula Rashi (Libra)
This is going to be a golden period for you. Mercury Rx on your 6th house will bring good fortunes on finance. If you are waiting for good opportunities to do well on your career, you will get an excellent job offer now. You will be happy with increasing cash flow. You will have good time on travelling as well. The relationship with your spouse will get much better.

Viruchika Rashi (Scorpio)
This period create more mental anxiety and tension. You will problems with your spouse and family. Increasing expenses will create more worries for you. There will be consistant work pressure and tension. If you are attending interviews, it may get reschduled to later date. You will not receive the result for your interview in time. Avoid long distance travelling as much as possible. You may have to spend money towards your car or home maintence expenses.

Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius)
This period is going to be a most challenging time for you. Things may not go well as you anticipate. You may expect unexpected bad news around April 2, 2018. You need to be careful on anything you do. Avoid taking any important decisions for this entire retrograde cycle. Avoid stock trading completely. This is a time you lose all your accumulated money in trading and get into financial disaster. Drive carefully since you may get into accidents.

Makara Rashi (Capricorn)
You will do well at yoru workplace during this mercury retrograde cycle. If you are looking for a long time, you will make it now. Travelling is looking good even though some delays. The purpose of your travel will be fulfilled. Stock investments will giv decent profits but requires some natal chart support. Your mental tension will be more especially around 1st week of April 2018.

Kumba Rasi (Aquarius)
You will not get affacted during this Mercury Retrograde. It is a good time for you to travel or relocate to another place. You will be happy with travelling, shopping and spending time with your friends and family. You will be happy in meeting your old buddies. You will do well on your finance. Trading will give you decent profits. If you are having good natal chart, you will win big amount of money through lottery.

Meena Rasi (Pisces)
Your mental anxiety and tension will be more. But you will make good progress at your workplace. If you have lost your job recently, you will start preparing well for the interview. It is a good time to explore new job opportunities. You will be happy to see increasing cash flow. Since you would have accumulated too much of debts in the recent past, it is time for you to pay down debts and do refinancing to lower your monthly bills. You will experience mixed results in this Mercury Rx cycle

Written on March 19, 2018

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