Progressed Moon Square Natal Sun by KT Astrologer

You can find the planet analysis on Progressed Moon Square Natal Sun written by KT Astrologer.

Sun represents government sector, politics, superiors, higher position in career, spirit, individuality in astrology. When transit moon conjunct with natal sun, it is a new moon day. It also represents a new beginning. It is a good time to close the existing task and start something new. If you have other planets Mercury, Venus making fortune aspects with Jupiter, then it is an excellent time to get benefits from government sectors and superiors.

Progressed Moon Square with Natal Sun happens when Progressed Moon is transiting into 4th house from Natal Sun. The second Square aspect happens after 15 years of first Square aspect, that is when Progressed Moon is transiting into 10th house from Natal Sun.

you are expected to see problems from your superiors, government, etc. If you are in the process of immigration, you will have to go through hectic time. Problems and conflicts at your workplace is most likely during this time. Be careful on your investments also especially into commodities.

Also note that progressed moon cycle of about 30 years exactly matches with Saturn cycle of 30 years and hence progressed moon has given paramount importance in western astrology.


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