Progressed Moon Sextile Natal Mars by KT Astrologer

You can find the planet analysis on Progressed Moon Sextile Natal Mars written by KT Astrologer.

Mars represents energy, war, police, sports, conflicts and arguments, risk taking, ego, aggressive attitude, sexuality and power. When transit moon conjunct with Natal Mars, you will get lot of energies to do more things and your mind will be more active. It is a good time to work out, outdoor sports and swimming, etc. This aspect also bring unwanted tension and angers towards loved one when malefic Saturn is having hard aspect with other planets.

Progressed Moon sextile with Natal Mars happens when Progressed Moon is transiting into 3rd house from Natal Mars. The second sextile aspect happens after 20 years of first sextile aspect, that is when Progressed Moon is transiting into 11th house from Natal Mars.

Also note that progressed moon cycle of about 30 years exactly matches with Saturn cycle of 30 years and hence progressed moon has given paramount importance in western astrology.


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