Progressed Moon Sextile Natal Saturn by KT Astrologer

You can find the planet analysis on Progressed Moon Sextile Natal Saturn written by KT Astrologer.

Saturn represents karma from past life, restrictions, limitation, pain, suffering, failure, discipline, spiritual, etc. When transit moon conjunct with natal Saturn, it is going to be a very severe testing period for you. You will get the bad news and see failures on your undertakings. It is a challenging time on your finance also. Be careful on anything you do.

Progressed Moon sextile with Natal Saturn happens when Progressed Moon is transiting into 3rd house from Natal Saturn. The second sextile aspect happens after 20 years of first sextile aspect, that is when Progressed Moon is transiting into 11th house from Natal Saturn.

When progressed moon makes second sextile aspect with natal Saturn [11th house from Natal Saturn], things will go on your favor. At least it would not be too bad compared to first sextile aspect. You can feel that you are under slow growth and moderate success.


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