Mercury Retrograde Effects - Jan 05, 2016 to Jan 25, 2016



Mercury is getting retrograde between Jan 05, 2016 to Jan 25, 2016. Mercury will be in backward motion on Capricorn and Sagittarius Moon Sign during this time. How does the effects of Mercury Retrograde will affect you based on your moon sign can be found on this page.


Note that this is based on vedic astrology and if you do not know your moon sign use our Moon Sign Calculator


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Aries Moon Sign - Problems at your work place

Mercury transit on your 10th and 9th house in backward motion does not look great for you. You will feel less fortunate. You will develop serious conflicts and communication problems with your spouse. Work place will become hectic. You will get blamed for someone else fault. You will have revisit your old projects, emails to prove you are correct, but will fail at end. Finance requires proper handling and you may lose money on a trade.


Taurus Moon Sign - Health and Family Problems

The current Mercury transit can give you mixed results but mostly on the downside. Your health will get affected adversely. You need to make couple of docot appointments. You will also have problems in paying bills and insurance claims, etc. The relationship with your spouse is not looking great and it will increase your worries. You will not have any good fortunes on your trade and investments. you will have more unexpected medical and travel expenses.


Gemini Moon Sign - Great Time for Love and Romance

This period is looking excellent for you. Since Mercury will be on backward motion on your 7th house, you will have happiness through your spouse or your partner. The recent setback you had in the past on your relationship will get resolved. It is a great time for conjugal bliss. Eligible singles will get surprised with new love proposals. You will do very well on your finance. You will get promoted to next level on your career.


Cancer Moon Sign - Health, Family and Love Problems

Unfortunately this Mercury retrograde is looking very bad for you. You will have sudden health back on your health. Do not ignore any warning signs and get medical help sooner than later. You will develop problems with loved one can cause severe mental distress to you. You might even get into panic mode and may go through many sleepless nights. You need to be very careful on the communication with loved ones. You will not have any fortunes on your finance. You will go to workplace with no interest.


Leo Moon Sign - Recovery on Health and Finance

Since Mercury will be on your 5th house most of the time during this retrograde period, it will make sure to regain your good health. Besides you will also fix the problems with your close family members. It is a good time to go out for candlelight dinner or plan for vacation. However your finances require proper attention. You will have close your stock investments at loss to avoid further losses. It is a good time to trade in or buy a new car.


Virgo Moon Sign - Happiness in Love / Romance

Mercury backward motion on your 5th and 4th house, can make your life with full of happiness. You will come out of your mental distress and will regain your confidence level. You will feel very fortunate and can see great success on anything you do. Good time for conjugal bliss and plan for baby. Singles will be happy to get new love proposal. You will feel very good during this period. You will make good profits through your trade.


Libra Moon Sign - Problems during Travel

The current transit of Mercury is looking very bad for travel. It does include excessive delays and problems. Besides minor accidents are also indicated on the cards. Avoid driving in the late nights and on wednesdays. Your temper level will shoot and you will be fond of eating more spicy food. Take care of your health as well. You need to avoid unwanted arguments with your spouse. Finances require proper attention and avoid trading in stock market.


Scorpio Moon Sign - Disappointments in Life

Mercury transit backwards on your 3rd and 2nd house, can create many disappointments for you. You will have more worries about your bad luck. Your mental stress would increase a lot. Severe fights with your spouse or mate is most likely. Avoid being separated and keep enough patience and tolerance during this phase. Work life will become hectic and office politics will get worse. You will have go through many unexpected bad events during this Mercury Rx cycle.


Sagittarius Moon Sign - Good Progress

The current Mercury Retrograde cycle is looking mixed but mostly on the positive side. If you are expecting any bank loans or pending cash inflow, it will get approved. It is a good time to clean up the mess you had in the past. You will have sound health and your mind will be active. The relationship with your spouse is also looking great! The flip side, you will not have any fortunes through your trade or investments. You need to be careful if you are holding any stocks or options.


Capricorn Moon Sign - The most fortunate period

Mercury getting Retrograde on your 12th and 1st house, can bring lot of fortunes for you. Based on your karma, there is no surprise, if you get big winnings thorugh lottery around Jan 08, 2016. This period is going to be a most fortunate period for you. Sudden windfalls is most likely to happen. You will come out of your recent panic situation and will lead healthy and happy life. Great time for conjugal bliss with your spouse. Great time for love and romance as well. It is a good time to start exploring new opportunities for your career. You can plan for long term investments as well.


Aquarius Moon Sign - Work life to get affected

This mercury retrograde period is looking very bad especially at your workplace. If you have weak natal chart, you may even get laid off in this phase. Mercury will be transiting backwards on your 11th house representing income, can stop your income by creating job loss or by increasing the expenses related to medical, travel, education and charity. This period can bring lot of disappointments and problems in your personal life. Expect to go through many sleepless nights. Avoid trading in stock market.


Pisces Moon Sign - Good Recovery

The current Mercury retrograde on your 11th and 10th house, can make sure you move up on your life by correcting your mistake in the past. You will come out of your mental stress and your confidence level will go up. But as a result, you may even start talking when you were not supposed to. Meaning you will end up in having heated arguments with people around you. On the positive side, Family and office politics will come down because you had started talking more openly. you may get new job offer and finances can go well. Be careful while driving, it can cause delays as well as minor accidents.



God Bless You!