2022 December Monthly Horoscope Predictions by KT Astrologer
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2022 December Monthly Horoscope.
Sun is transiting from Vrischika Rasi to Dhanushu Rasi on Dec 16, 2022. Mars will be in retrograde for the entire month in rishaba rasi. Venus will start in Vrischika Rasi and move to Dhanushu Rasi on Dec 5, 2022. Then Venus will transit to Makara Rasi on Dec 29, 2022.
Mercury will start in Vrischika Rasi and move to Dhanushu Rasi on Dec 3, 2022. Then Mercury will transit to Makara Rasi on Dec 28, 2022 and Retrograde on Dec 29, 2022.
Saturn will be in Dhanishta Nakshatra in Makara Rasi and close to completing its journey by the middle of next month. Jupiter got vakra nivarthi on Nov 24, 2022. The strength of Jupiter will also be felt much more. There are changes in the position of Rahu and Ketu during this month. Rahu and Ketu will be left alone without making conjunction any other planet except during this month.
Jupiter and Saturn placement on its own sign is going to impact the world during this month. I believe the post effects of corona virus pandemic will be ending very soon. Mars retrograde is a concerning factor as it can create geo-political tension and drop in real estate prices.
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