2022 September Monthly Horoscope Predictions by KT Astrologer


2022 September Monthly Horoscope. Sun is transiting from Simha Rasi to Kanni Rasi on Sep 17, 2022.
Mars will be in Rishaba Rasi for the entire month. Mars will be moving slowly during this month to go retrograde by next month (Oct 30, 2022).
Venus will be in Simha Rasi until Sep 25, 2022. Mercury will be in its exalted sign of Kanni Rasi for the entire this month but going retrograde on Sep 09, 2022.
Rahu will be left alone after a long time that can provide good stability and clarity to everyone�s life. Ketu will be transiting in Thula Rasi. Both Saturn and Jupiter will be in retrograde during this month. Mercury going retrograde on Sep 09, 2022 is a major event. Mercury can create more delays and communication problems.
As it is getting retrograde during its exalted sign, the effects will be more powerful. Click your moon sign to read how it will impact you during this month.

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