2023 June Monthly Horoscope Predictions by KT Astrologer


2023 June Monthly Horoscope. Sun is transiting from Rishaba Rasi to Midhuna Rasi on Jun 15, 2023.
Mercury will be fast moving from Mesha Rasi to Rishaba Rasi on June 7, 2023 and then to Midhuna Rasi on June 24, 2023.
Mars will be in Kataga Rasi for the entire month. Venus will be slowing down on its speed in Kataga Rasi during this month as it will go retrograde in late July 2023.
Mars and Venus will be in conjunction for the entire month, which is a rare aspect. Jupiter and Rahu exact conjunction happened on May 27, 2023. Jupiter and Rahu will be separating as this month progress will produce the transit results of Jupiter clearly during this month.
Saturn will go retrograde on June 17, 2023 in Kumba Rasi. Rahu will be in Aswini Start in Mesha Rasi and Ketu will be Swathi Star in Thula Rasi during this month. This month will be smoother results without wild swings. The results can be good or bad based on gochar effects for your moon sign.
Special Note: The months July and Aug 2023 could be harsh for many people due to Venus retrograde make conjunction with Mars and receiving aspect from both Jupiter and Retrograde Saturn. The results will reach an extreme level. If you are running a bad time based on gochar aspects and you have to protect your assets, then this month � June 2023 is a good time to do so.
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