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Volume 2 - Issue 4

April 2012

Astrology - April 2012 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Dhanushu Rasi (Sagittarius)

Sun will be transiting into your 4th house and 5th house indicating entire month would be a problematic month for you. As major planets Jupier, Saturn and Venus are very much supportive currently, the intensity of the problems will get reduced. Mercury is placed very well during this month.


The effect of Jupiter transit into Rishabha and Saturn transit into Kanni by May 17 can be felt from this month onwards. Unfortunately both of these transits are not good for you! This month will give an opportunity to safe guard your investments and final touch up on pending deals. But you have to expect the unexpected anytime during this month. Jupiter in 6th house effect can be seen for you this month. So work pressure will be more and you will get new hidden enemies. You do not know who is playing against you..!

Speculative trading and short term investments including options trading should be stopped completely from this month. If you have any open positions, close out all your positions. Note that If you close all your positions, your stocks will continue to move up. But if you keep open positions, it lose its value every day. In general, you have to understand that your time is favorable. You have to protect your invesyments.



If you have bough a new home and pending agreement, it will get through fast. But any new inventure you are starting would not be successful from this month onwards. Your health needs attention during this month and watch out your diet. You should have changed your job or got promotion in the last 6 months. Now it is a testing period for you to manage the people around you.


The golden period for business people and traders have gone with last month. Traders need to hedge their positions and business people need to think twice before taking any decistions.

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