Software & Finance - Monthly Magazine Online

Volume 2 - Issue 11

November 2012

Mattraan - Movie Review

Starring: Surya Sivakumar, Kajal Aggarwal
K V Ananad
Kalpathi S. Aghoram
Harris Jayaraj
Release Date:
October 12, 2012


Ramachandran (Sachin Khedekar) is a genetic scientist wants to succeed in his research of trying to create a human with multiple talents through baby designing. With his efforts, he got blessed with twins conjoined together above the waist. Since they have a common heart, doctors wants to do a surgery by keeping one baby alive. But their mother Sudha (Tara) objects. This they begin raising their children, Vimalan (Suriya) and Akhilan (Suriya). Later Ramachandran with the help of Sudha creating a company that supplies Locus Lacto Products. He makes huge profit through their product “Energion” and it gained more than 80% market share with in one year. Energion becomes the top-selling children’s powdered milk energy drink in the market.



Vimalan and Akhilan are having two distinct characters, the former being good while the latter is care-free. Anjali (Kajal Aggarwal) is a Russian translater who also joins in their company. She, along with her Russian friend Volga, a journalist, spend their time with the brothers. Anjali and Vimalan fall in love and Akhilan is happy for them, even though he is also in love with Anjali. Volga is then found to be a spy on finding trade secrets of Energion. When Vimalan questions Volga, she warns him that Energion was an steroid mixed product and could lead to the death of thousands of children.



As a result, she is murdered by Ramachandran's team. but, she swallows a pen-drive containing evidences of the foul-play before dying. Now the movie roams around the pen drive. Anjali acquires pen-drive smartly and hands it over to Vimalan. Following this, Ramachandran succeeds on his plan to grab the pen drive from his son through robbery. But during this fight, Vimalan is brain-dead and then his heart is transplanted into Akhilan. Anjali is getting closer to Akhilan after Vimalan’s death. Now, Akhilan discovers that his father is behind Vimalan’s death by tracking his assistant, Dinesh (Ravi Prakash). He is getting back the pen-drive that contains several photos. The beginning of the scheme is traced back to Ukraine. Accompanied by Anjali, Akhilan sets out to solve the mystery. Both Anjali and Akhilan goes to Ukraine through her friend Ashok. But he is subsequently killed.



The photos are revealed to be athletes who were competing for the Unified Nations in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and the athletes are declared dead in a plane crash. Anjali and Akhilan keep track of the people who survived in the plane crash. Only one person is alive and now they came to know that Energion was originally an undetectable steroid invented by Ramachandran to improve the performance of the athletes at the world games. But later the athletes began suffering from similar health problems leading to their deaths. And then the plane crash was faked to avoid national shame of abusing streoids. Now Anjali and Akhilan also learn that the adulterant in Energion could be detected only with the addition of ionization enhancer and they are heading back to India.


Now Ramachandran is exposed and is about to be arrested. Akhilan requests his father to surrender but however, he discovers his father’s ugly side and finds out that he and his brother are just a result their father’s failed experiment. His father states that he used the whole society as his research lab, through Energion. His leg is then crushed by a rock when he tries killing his own son and hence his father dies. Akhilan receives national recognition for bravery.


There is no doubt that Suriya's performance is very good. But the screen play might have been improved not to show heart transparent surgery. It might be difficult to see for the kids. The fight scene taken on roller coaster ride was too lengthy. Eventhough comedy and romance was there in the movie, only scary part can remain on the people's mind after watching this movie. Mattraan Matri Edukka Vendiya Padam.