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Volume 3 - Issue 8

August 2013

Singam 2 - Movie Review

Starring: Surya, Hansika Motwani, Anushka Shetty, Santhanam, Vivek
S. Lakshman Kumar
Devi Sri Prasad
Release Date:
July 05, 2013



Singam II is the second part of Singam movie. This movie starts from where the first part ended. Duraisingam (Surya) started working as NCC officer in Thoothukudi as per the plan by Home Ministor, CM to undercover what's going on in Thoothukudi harbor. Sathya (Hansika) is a student who falls for Duraisingam. Susai (Santhanam) also working in the same school and he is helping Duraisingam to get familiar on local area. The cop Erimalai (Vivek) and Susai help Duraisingam on rouge elements dominating the local harbor in his surveillance.




Duraisingam come to know that Thangarai (Rahman) and Bhai (Mukesh Rishi) are the two criminals on Thoothukudi Harbor involved in smuggling (drugs) business. They have a tie up with international gangster Danny (Danny Sapani).


While Duraisingam is waiting to marry Kavya (Anushka), Sathya falls in love with him. When Duraisingam got engaged with Surya, Sathya helps him to find the secrets from his uncle Thangaraj.


In the mean time, Duraisingam takes charge of investigating and arresting the criminals, he ended up in arresting Danny unknowingly he is international gangster. But Danny escapes from the jail and lands in south africa. Besides unexpectedly Sathya's life came to an end. Home ministor is getting pressure to stop this operation run by Duraisingam.


Home ministor stopped the operation really? Whether Duraisingam could make arresting the gangster Danny from South Africa? Whether he gets married to Kavya at least on Singam II? Watch it movie theatre.




Surya's performance is excellent with his fast delivering dialogues. Santhanam comedy is a good plus to the movie, eventhough there are some critics from teacher association. Anushka did not get much chance except for songs. Hansika did get a chance for romance with Surya, however its unexpected end on this movie might put her fans upset.

Overall the movie is excellent eventhough comedy and romance are less and not evenly distributed throughout the movie.


Hats off to the Singam II team!!