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Volume 3 - Issue 9

September 2013

Astrology - September 2013 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Rishabha Rasi (Taurus)



Sun will be transiting into your 4th house and 5th house indicating unfavorable position for entire this month. However Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu are in excellent position to give you great success in anything you do! To make thing better, Mars is also in its excellent condition. This is going to be one of the best month for you! Many good life time events do happen.




Your health would be excellent during this month! Your body would have charged with full of positive energies. Your sound health will support to enjoy the benefits given by Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Rahu.



Family, Love and relationship


Wow, this is going to be a wonderful time for you in your life. If you are eligible single, it is a perfect time to get engaged. If you are married, you will have excellent time with your spouse. All conflicts would get resolved during this month. If you are in love, you will spend your time with your mate in a dream vacation spot.


Even though, your time is so good. You have to be careful on only one thing. That is people around you can not tolerate your growth and success. Eventhough you do not care about this, it is very important since it will keep creating hidden enemies against you! They can not do anything major in the short run but may be in the long run. Watch out your words and attitude since others are most likely to get hurt!



Work / Career and Business


Your work load will get ease during this month. Any pending promotions and salary increase will get approved now. You may also expect a windfall bonus during this time. Your boss would be happy and work environment would be very much supportive.


Business people will see their life time turn over growth now. All contracts will get signed and approved. Payments will be made much in advance. Very good time to expand your business and book profits of the decade. However, this is the time you develop hidden enemies from your competitors. You can ignore them for now!


Immigration / Foreign Travel


Since Jupiter is playing major role for you! If you are waiting for immigration benefits, it may happen any time going forward. You will start travelling abroad during this month.



Finance and Investments


Your finance situation would be excellent now. Inflow of money is likely from many sources. You will get unexpected windfall during this month. There is no question of debts since it will get paid off during this month. This is the best time to trade in stock market. However if you are trading speculative options or future, check your natal chart. You will see windfall profits during this month.


It is the excellent time to buy a new home or invest in any real estate. You will get bank loans easily since all major planets are in excellent position.


Social Life


It is going to be an excellent time for movie artist, politician or any other VIPs. They will regain their popularity and they will see great success on their field.


Warnings / Pariharam


You need to utilize this time (next 8 months) to settle down in your life in each and every aspect since the next couple of years would not be good for you. No pariharam is required since planets are at their best posiition for you by creating Raja Yogam on transit. The only warning is people around you could not tolerate your growth and success.



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