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Volume 4 - Issue 6

June 2014

Kochadaiiyaan (Kochadaiyaan) Movie Review

Starring: Rajini, Deepika Padukone

Written By: K S Ravikumar
Soundarya Rajinikanth Aswin
Sunil Lulla, Sundara Murlai Manohar, Prashita Chaudhary
A.R. Rahman
Release Date:
May, 23, 2014


Kochadaiiyaan is India's first motion capture movie starring with Super Star Rajinikanth and Deepika Padukone as lead roles. The stroy based on Pandya King Kochadaiyan Ranadhiran (710 - 735 AD). How Rana fights to to restore his father's lost glory.


The movie begins with Rana as a little boy from Kottaipattinam who reaches Kalingapuram and grows up there as a mighty warrior (Rajinikanth). He impresses king of Kalingapuram Mahendra Raj and he goes to win many battles for Kalingapuram. Rana wanted the soldiers of Kottaipattinam who works as a slave in Kalingapuram, to participate in the war. The king Mahendra Raj agrees to start a war against Kottaipattinam.


Rana leads with soldiers of Kottaipattinam who worked as a slave for many years and soldiers of Kalingapuram to fight against Kottaipattinam. As soon as he reaches Kottaipattinam, he does a same side goal by taking the original soldiers of Kottaipattinam to their home country. The prince of Kottaipattinam (Sarathkumar) makes his old friend Rana with the title "Commander in Chief" even though king of Kottaipattinam Rishikodayan (Nassar) does not like this.




When Rana wants to take revenge agains King Rishikodayan, his daughter Vadhana Devi (Deepika Padukone) saves his father. The flashback story deals with the father of Rana, Kochadaiiyaan (Rajinikantha) and king Rishikodayan. The king did not like the fame of Kochadaiiyaan and waiting for an opportunity to collapse him. When the Kochadaiiyaan comes alone by leaving the soliders in Kalingapuram to save their life, the King Rishikodayan gives death sentence to Kochadaiiyaan. Now Rana saved the soldiers and brought back to home country, King Rishikodayan has the same fear with Rana as if Kochadaiiyaan. The story ends with killing King Rishikodayan by mighty warrior Rana.


It is very good news that the tamil movie Kochadaiiyaan becomes the first motion capture movie. However the price paid for this too much. The budget of this movie is 125 Crores where as the collection reached about 75% after two weeks of the release. Adopting the new technology is an excellent idea however only if the storyline needs such technology. The story of Kochadaiiyaan does not demand motion capture technology since it can be done with actual characters and computer graphics. When we compare the movie "Avatar", the storyline needs such as a technology since the characters are imaginary. The huge cost might have been avoided by not adapting motion capture technology.


The second half of this movie is excellent compared to the first half. Music, Story an voice are great plus points. Adapting the new technology did not please the Rajini fans as well as this movie did not generate great profits like "Enthiran".