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2014 Financial Astrology Horoscope


2014 Financial Astrology Horoscope For Rishabha Rasi (Taurus)



For Rishba Rasi People, this year 2014 will bless you again great fortune. Last year 2013, would have been the best part of your life. Now it will continue very well onto 2014. Buy you will keep losing your good time as the year 2014 progress. Your time is still excellent until Aug 2014. End of this year looks really worst because of unfavorable Jupiter and Saturn transits happening during 2014.



Bank Loan Approval and Home Buying Opporutunities


This year will provide you last opportunity to buy a home otherwise you may have to wait for at least over 2-4 years based on Gochara planets. The good time frame for you to apply for bank loan is between Feb 04, 2014 and March 25, 2014. In this time period, you can shop around for your dream home. You will get a better deal during this time.


If you are interested in buying a new construction, you have to start the construction process before March 25, 2014. Then you can move to your new home between July 15 and Aug 15, 2014. Once you cross August 2014, with out any progress, then you have to wait for another couple of years to buy a home since you are due for Kantaga Sani by end of this year.



Tradings Stocks and Commodities


Jan 2014 would be very bad for you and you should continue to face some losses. But it would be temporary. You will see very good growth on your investments from Feb 04, 2014 and Mar 25, 2014. The time period from Feb 2014 to May 2014 is good to trade stocks and commodities such as Gold, Silver and Oil. But you have to stop trading or reduce your bet on the table from June 2014 to Aug 2014. The time period is looking really worse from Sep 2014 onwards and you have to come to complete stop on any kind of trading and investments.



Tradings Options and Futures


For trading options and futures, you will have good time period from Feb 04, 2014 and Mar 25, 2014. You have to avoid speculative options and futures trading except these days in 2014 to be on the safer side.


NOTE: Remember the thumb rule in financial astrology. When your time is not good, if you close your positions, then the stock price will move up. If you keep it open, then the price will go down. In either case, you will lose money by either losing your profit or adding your losses.


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