Jupiter Transit Horoscope For Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius) (July 13, 2015 to Aug 11, 2016) - Guru Peyarchi Palangal by KT Astrologer

Jupiter Transit Horoscope July 2015 to Aug 2016 written by KT Astrologer

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Jupiter Transit Horoscope July 2015 to Aug 2016 For Kumba Rasi Aquarius Moon Sign written by KT Astrologer

Aquarius (Kumba)


In the last one year, Guru Bhagawan on your Runa Roga Sathru Sthanam would have made your life miserable many problems on your health, family, career and finance. Now Guru Bhagawan moving onto your 7th house of Kalathra Sthanam will fix the problems you are currently facing now. Financially it is going to be very good time. You will also see growth and success in many aspects of your life. Going forward, you will start gaining positive energies with the strength of Jupiter. But Saturn will supply negative energies to limit your growth. Even though speed of recovery is based on the strength of your natal chart, things will keep moving positive direction for you with the current transit of Jupiter.



Your health would have suffered a lot with Jupiter on your 6th house. It would have given you complicated health problems. Now you will get the correct medication and your health problems will get fixed. You will keep developing positive energies on both your body and mind. Even though you regain your sound health, your emotional / mental stress will continue for a while at least until early Oct 2015. Since Saturn is aspecting your 12th house, you may experience disturbed sleep and mental stress. During the first half of Jupiter transit, Saturn will dominate Jupiter and in the second half Jupiter will dominate Saturn. So you will feel positive results very much during the last 4 months of Jupiter transit that is from May 2016 onwards. Keep very good diet and exercise to maintain your sound health. Prayers and meditations will definitely make you feel better.



Family, Love and relationship

You might have had severe conflicts and fights with spouse or in-laws in the recent months. Now the intensity of the problems will keep going down and you will start fixing the problems. You will develop smooth relationship with your spouse and other close family members. If you were separated, then it is a very good time to join with your family. Family politics will go down and the mediators creating problems on your life will lose their strength. Saturn on your 10th house will not create problems on your family and Jupiter takes ownership of that. Many subha karyas happening on your family environment will make you very happy. You will also regain your name and fame in the society.


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2015 to 2016 Jupiter Transit (Guru Peyarchi) - Aquarius Moon Sign (Kumba) by KT Astrologer - Part 1 / 2


If you are single, you can start looking for a match. You will be able to find a match and get married with the current transit of Jupiter. You will able to enjoy conjugal bliss with your spouse. Eligible couples will get blessed with a baby. You can also plan for your dream vacation spot with your friends and family. Lovers will resolve their conflicts and will have very good time on romance.



Things should have been worse for the students so far. The exams you have appeared already will come out with bad results for you. But you will take it as an experience and move forward with positive attitude with the strength of Jupiter. Successful admission into good colleges will depend only natal chart by this Sep 2015. Otherwise you will have to wait for next year! You will get very good friends in the current Jupiter transit and they will support your growth.


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