Jupiter Transit Horoscope For Rishaba Rashi (Taurus) (July 13, 2015 to Aug 11, 2016) - Guru Peyarchi Palangal by KT Astrologer

Jupiter Transit Horoscope July 2015 to Aug 2016 written by KT Astrologer

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Jupiter Transit Horoscope July 2015 to Aug 2016 For Rishaba Rasi Taurus Moon Sign written by KT Astrologer

Taurus (Rishaba)


Guru Bhagawan is moving onto your 4th house of Ardhastama Sthanam. This position is looking much better than the earlier one. You will be able to see improvements on your career and finance. However your health problems and problems in your family environment will continue to greater intensity because of Sani Bhagawan on your Kalathra Sthanam. This Jupiter transit will give you very little relief but you cannot expect any significant growth or excellent opportunities. Because Jupiter needs to fight against Saturn to provide some relief that will take couple of months after the transit.



Unfavorable Jupiter placement would have caused severe setback on your health. Eventhough Jupiter has moved onto your 4th house, you will not feel any relief on your health problems. Rather it will turn from bad to worse because Saturn is in very powerful position compared to Jupiter and playing against you by affecting your good helath. You will have very weak immune system and prone to catch any illness very fast. You will also suffer from arthritis, join pain, problems on your stomach, galbladder. It is better to take enough medical insurance with full coverage.

With Saturn on your 7th house, you will also have to go through lot of mental stress, unwanted fear and tension. Make sure you do enough exercise and keep good diet to maintain your health. Prayers and Meditation will help you a lot to gain positive energies.



Family, Love and relationship

Your family environment is looking terrible with too many problems right now. Both Jupter and Saturn would have caused lot of disstress on your relationship. Jupiter moving onto your Ardhastama Sthanam can fix family problems with other family members. But it is unlikely to solve the problems with your spouse because of weak Saturn placement. Some of you may even lose your image / fame because of affair with another person from low quality of life. Temporary to permanent separation with your spouse is clearly indicated on the cards. Make sure not to get into any legal issues or disputes since this problem will not end anytime in the near future.


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2015 to 2016 Jupiter Transit (Guru Peyarchi) - Taurus Moon Sign (Rishaba) by KT Astrologer - Part 1 / 2


There will be lack of conjugal bliss with spouse. Besides still it is not a great time to plan for baby. If you are single, you need to be very careful while looking for a match. Even though Jupiter supports marriage at this time, Saturn will make you select a wrong person. So you need to depend on your natal chart for your marriage. If you are young, then it is better not to look for a match for the next one year. Lovers will develop possessiveness towards their mate and have hell lots of problems in their love affairs.


The current Jupiter transit is looking very good for the students. You will be able to concentrate more on your studies and get good credits on your examinations. If you have appeared exams already, the marks / credits will come out by disappointing you. But it is the time to realize your mistakes and correct them. You need to be careful on your health and friend circle. Since the current position of Saturn will creatae problems through your friends from opposite sex.


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God Bless You!



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