March 2016 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Dhanushu Rasi (Sagittarius)

March 2016 Monthly Horoscope written by KT Astrologer

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March 2016 Monthly Horoscope for Dhanushu Rasi Sagittarius Moon Sign written by KT Astrologer

Sagittarius (Dhanushu)


Sun will be transiting into your 3rd and 4th house indicating favorable position only in the first half of this month. Ketu and Venus are placed very well on the transit. However you cannot expect any benefits from Jupiter and Rahu. Saturn and Mars are getting very powerful on your 12th house of Viraya Sthanam, you will have to go through many disappointments on your life. Rahu on your 9th house can wipe out any fortunes. This month is looking very bad compared to last month. Since Jupiter is on your 9th house, you could see a quick recovery from April 1st week onwards, until then tolerance is the only medicine.




Your health will get affected adversely as this month progress. You may have to go through many sleepless nights. You will develop unwanted fear and tension. The problems you see would mostly due to psychological but not physical. You will get exhausted for doing even small work. You need to focus more on prayers and meditation. You need to learn on how to socialize your life well, especially if you are living in a foreign land or in distinct place. If you are into sports, you would not be able to perform well. The health of your father needs more attention during this month.


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March 2016 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Dhanushu Rasi Sagittarius Moon Sign by KT Astrologer



Family, Love and relationship 

This month will give you couple of bitter pills affecting good relationship with your family members. Since Mars and Saturn are making conjunction on your 12th house, there will not be any conjugal bliss. Even though it is short lived, you will have to be careful especially if you are newly married. Next month is looking good for conjugal bliss and planning for baby.



Your children will not listen to your words, can create worries for you. Lovers will start developing frictions and misunderstanding as this month progress and romance will be completely missing in this month. If you are single, then it is better to wait until March 27, 2016 to look for a match. The setback you see in this month will be short lived, you will start moving up again with the strength of Jupiter from next April 1st week onwards.


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God Bless You!