Rahu and Ketu Peyarchi Palangal For Thula Rasi (Libra) - Dec 25, 2012 to Jul 14, 2014

Currently Rahu is moving onto your Janma Sthanam and Ketu onto your 7th house of Mesha Rasi. Both Rahu and Ketu placements are not good and they are ready to give you bitter pills.


Rahu will be transiting in the star of Jupiter, Rahu and Mars. Ketu will be transiting in the star of Sun, Venus and Ketu. The dates are given below as per KP panchangam.


Rahu Peyarchi Palangal


Transit of Rahu in Star of Jupiter: Dec 25, 2012 - July 02, 2013

Transit of Rahu in Star of Rahu: July 02, 2013 - March 10, 2014

Transit of Rahu in Star of Mars: March 10, 2014 - July 14, 2014


Rahu transiting on your Janma is not an happy news for you! Already things might have gone out of control with the presence of Jupiter and Saturn. Now the team up between Saturn and Rahu will give you unexpected changes that would be very painful. You will have some relief from Jun 2013. But the time period between Jan 2013 to May 2013 would be the worst part. Your health will suffer a lot and will develop chronic diseases. You may get into depression for a while. It would be a surprise if you are employed and things are going smoothly at your work environment during this time. If you lose your Job, you will get it back shorly that is by June 2013. You have to stay away from any kind of investments. Do not lend money to family members or friends since that will never come back to you. If you are expecting immigration benefits, it will get stuck at least until June 2013. Prayers and Meditation are the best option for you during this time. You can also do and spend some time on charity. If you are having raja yoga dasa, you will keep going up in your life with out any pain.


Ketu Peyarchi Palangal

Transit of Ketu in Star of Sun: Dec 25, 2012 - Feb 26, 2013

Transit of Ketu in Star of Venus: Feb 26, 2013 - Nov 04, 2013

Transit of Ketu in Star of Ketu: Nov 04, 2013 - July 14, 2014


Ketu transiting on your 7th house is getting ready to create problems with your spouse. Since Saturn is also in Janma Sthanam it would be very easy that conflicts between the couples would create. If you are having any love affairs, you have to be extra careful since relationships can break up very easily. The best thing for you is stay away from love affairs and avoid taking any important decisions such as marriage, buying home, etc. Severe testing period is indicated.


Overall this Rahu and Ketu Peyarchi would be a very severe testing period until the end of May 2013, after that you will have some relief and the intensity of the pain will come down to great extent.


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