Remedies in Vedic Astrology


When a native encounters through very difficult period, pariharam (astrological remedy) is suggested by an astrologer. Doing any remedies will not change the fate but it will give you mental energy to accept what's going on in your life. Yantras, Mantras, Gem stones, Vaastu are different astrological remedies. However all these methods, will increase your mental energy to accept and be happy with your life. But you can not change your fate.



How a fate can be changed? The anwer is: It can not be changed. However the impact, how you feel, can be changed. There is a saying the with the transit planets based on moon (Gochara), fate can be changed. If it is happening, then that is also part of your fate. Hence fate can never be changed.


When a person going through very hard phase of his life, his papa karya (sinful activities) done in the past or past life getting cancelled. Similarly when a person enjoys the most in his life, his punya karya (good deed) gets cancelled. By doing punya karyas now (in this birth), can give you excellent benefic results in the future (or upon your rebirth).


I have given here the list of dosams and remedies.