KTAstro Gold (3 Months) Subscription

1. You need to be a registered user and subscribed to "KTAstro Gold 3 Months Subscription" to read work/career, finance / trading, immigration section for upcoming monthly, yearly and other major transit predictions such as Jupiter Transit, Saturn Transit, Rahu / Ketu Transit predictions.

2. Currently the above said sections except "Business and Secondary Income" and "Trading and Investments" are set to free for the people living in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China and other Asian countries excluding Singapore, Hong Kong & Japan and all african and south american countries. We may decide to go with Paid Option for all countries in the future based on our usage data and expenses.

3. You can read daily predictions for the next 9 days with subscription. Otherwise it will be restricted to 3 days.

4. You can create multiple profiles by adding name and birth details. You will get presonalized view for each profile under one subscription.

5. You can buy God subscription for 3 months that is fully integrated with PayPal. It means you need to buy "KTAstro Gold 3 Months Subscription at the cost $27.99". The subscription will be activated instantly if you pay through PayPal. You will get charged $27.99 for every 3 months until you cancel the subcription.

6. If you want to use other Payment Options - (Online transfer - Zelle, or ICICI Bank) , then you can make the payment $27.99 * X times and send an email ktastrologer@gmail.com to activate your paid subscription. It will be activated for the renewal length by us with in one business day.

7. Refunds: Refunds will be provided based on your request on prorated basis after deducing administration fee of $5.00.

8. Cancellation: You can cancel by login with your PayPal site. or Simply email us at ktastrologer@gmail.com and we will take care of the cancellation.

9. Delete Account: If you want to delete your account you registered with ktastro.com, please email us at ktastrologer@gmail.com. Your account will get deleted (hard delete, no recovery) completely with in 2 business days.

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