Vasthu Sastra

Vasthu Sastra is used to construct temple in ancient days, currently used to build home or building in modern days. Besides people do buy cnostruced homes based on vasthu. Vasthu sastra dictates on where to keep the master bedrooms, other bed rooms, pooja rooms, kitchen and main entrance.


If you live in a house that does not follow the rules of Vasthu, it will reduce the benefic impact on you. However vasthu is not responsible for all the problems you face. That will go as per your destiny. Vasthu dictates only no matter who lives in the house, whether the house is capable of receiving positive energies for the planets from all directions or not.


Vasthu Bhagawan written by KT Astrologer


What if you do not see vasthu, when you buy or build home? No problem as long as you are running favorable transits of Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Saturn. One person will experience this good time once in about 5 to 10 years for about 6 months time. It is called Raja Yoga on transit for your moon sign. Once you are running such a good timing, even if you do not look into astrology, vasthu will be correct when you buy a home during this time.


Blaming vasthu is for all of your problems is not correct. The home you live can increase or decrease the benefic impact based on vasthu. We can say that vasthu can contribute about 5% to 10% for your problems. The rest everything is determined by your natal chart and transit planets. Mainly the natal chart of the head of the household dominates other charts, followed by your spouse and then your children and perents.


Vasthu Sastra Elements Directions



Click on the following link to check the appropriate place of construction based on Vasthu Sastra:

Vasthu Sastra


The following table illustrates on the importance of direction and what it denotes. You can also use this information to construct the appropriate rooms.


Direction Lord Element Planet Siginificant Construction
Center Brahma Space   Prosperity  
North Kuberan Wather Mercury Money, Wealth, Maternal Side Business Entrance, Storage, Living Room
North East Shiva Water Jupiter Wisdom, Divinity, Business Stability, Relationship Children Study Room, Puja Room
East Indiran Fire Sun Progress, Growth, Longevity, Name & Fame Children Study Room, Dining and Bath room
South East Agni Fire Venus Energy, Vigor, Health, Sex Kitchen, Garage, Bath Room
South Yaman Earth/Fire Mars Eradicates evil, Happiness, Success Store Room, Guest Room
South West Putna / Niriti Earth Rahu / Ketu Purity, cleaniness, Willpower, Head of the family Master bedroom, Dressing Room, Jewels Storage
West Varunan Water Saturn Pleasure, Reward, Luck Dining, Bed Room, Bath Rooms
North West Air / Wind Air Moon Long-life, health, Friends, Enemy Kitchen, Bed Rooms, Guest / Bath Rooms